Even the smallest moment of our lives involves a series of consequences extending to eternity. Each moment is like a new beginning to those that follow.

- Emanuel Swedenborg

Rev. Nadine CottonNews from Rev. Nadine Cotton


The Summer has been a wonderful time to get together with friends and  family. We enjoyed the Annual Convention in June with our church family in Urbana and the Almont Summer School in July. Family reunions, weddings and

vacations have rejuvenated our spirits.


We look forward to settling into our new Church year in the fall.  Please join us. All are Welcomed.



Rev. N. Cotton




Our Church Service Starts at 11:00 am on Sunday mornings.


Although we regularly meet at


4815 Broadview Rd., Cleveland, OH 44109


we may change the location of our service.


Please call to find out the scheduled meeting place




Rev. Nadine Cotton is scheduled to officiate the worship service once a month. The other Sundays of the month are Bible study or view NewChurchLive services.


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Swedenborg Chapel is a ministry of the Swedenborgian Church and has served in the Cleveland, Ohio area since 1841.



The Swedenborgian Church is an welcoming open-minded, forward looking Christian church drawing its faith from the Bible as illuminated by the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).  Find out more about our church, our faith and what we believe through videos and readings.


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Swedenborg Chapel is a ministry of the Swedenborgian Church

serving in Cleveland, Ohio since 1841


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Swedenborg Chapel Church Front

Swedenborg Chapel Church Front