Even the smallest moment of our lives involves a series of consequences extending to eternity. Each moment is like a new beginning to those that follow.

- Emanuel Swedenborg

Rev. Nadine CottonNews from Rev. Nadine Cotton


Memorial Day reminds us of those who have passed and given their lives for this country and it often brings up our memories of loved ones that are now in the spiritual realm. Memories are usually a combination of happiness of past good times and sadness that these people we love are not physically present with us any longer. I am praying that your good memories will outshine any pain and the blessings that these souls have brought to your lives will uplift your spirit this Memorial Day.


At this time of year, I am always amazed by how much my spirit is lifted with the brilliant colors of the flowers, the singing of the birds, the smells of fresh cut grass and the cooking on outdoor grills. I also love to start gardening at this time of year and to be a part of helping nurture plants to grow and produce. There is something spiritually comforting about patiently watching as these plants grow and produce flowers and foods for us to enjoy. This always seems like an incredible gift of magic that God is performing before my eyes.


May your life spring forth blossoms of love and wisdom from God as we ever praise our Creator.


Happy Memorial Day and happy summer to you.


Rev. N. Cotton




At the Cleveland zoning board on May 9th,  the re-zoning of our property was approved and the closing date was set for May 31.


Over the summer, we will meet at a park on warm weather Sundays and at designated homes at other times.


Please call to find out the scheduled meeting place (216-351-8093).


Rev. Nadine Cotton is scheduled to officiate the worship service on June 12th at 11a.m. The other Sundays of the month are Bible study. The next council meeting is scheduled for July 17th at 10 a.m.


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Swedenborg Chapel is a ministry of the Swedenborgian Church

serving in Cleveland, Ohio since 1841


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Swedenborg Chapel Church Front

Swedenborg Chapel Church Front